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There is an intense collaboration between: Studio Mobile ‘I Musicanti’,  directed by Giovanni Caruso and the 'Studio 12 Pianoforti’, directed by Valerio Sabatini.
‘Studio 12 Pianoforti’ is ‘Premium Dealer’ Yamaha and Bosendorfer for central Italy.
Valerio Sabatini from over 30 years is Piano Technician and Tuner in Rome.
‘I Musicanti’ made several recordings with international artists and it collaborates with the labels like Brilliant Classics, Piano Classics, Tactus, Naxos. The recording studio received excellent critical reviews on the most important magazines (Grammophon, The Guardian).
At the present moment, is available for recordings the new Yamaha CFX Concert Grand.

A special thanks to Mr. Stephan Berger, of the Istituto Svizzero’ in Rome,
who kindly provided the wonderful spaces of Villa Maraini (Rome).

A special thanks to:

Roberta Marotta (photographer) and Mirko Scialpi (Web Designer), for the kindness, professionalism and availability.

Gisela Lopez (artist) for her precious and immeasurable support.